Title: A Heart Divided
Author: Cherie Bennett Bennet and Jeff Gottesfeld
Monique Ortiz

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Background Informantion:At the begining of the story Kate Pride is still living in her home town and Jack was still going about with his so called perfect life
Rising Action:Kate moves to redford and Kate and him first meet and start talking
Climax:They start dating and everyone don`t like them anymore
Falling Action:They have been dating for a long time and people are starting to like them
Resolution:Kate Pride`s sister ends up being badly hurt in an accidental shooting at a football game that is part of the drama
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Main Characters

There are many main characters. Usually there are only two or three main characters. In my story there are two main characters. There names are Kate Pride and Jack Redford. My book is called The Heart Divided. Kate Pride and Jack Redford are in love very much. Many people hate that they are in love because Jack is very popular and Kate is not. But they do not care whatsoever. They want to be together forever. Never do they want to spilt up and not be together anymore. They were thinking of even moving so they can be together in piece.

Monique Ortiz

Secondary Characters

There are more secondary characters then there are main characters. In my book there is too many to write down. But what I will do is tell you the three secondary characters that are more important then other ones. One of them is Portia Pride; that is Kate Pride's sister. They are really close to each other. Portia is in the same school as her sister Kate. Another one of the secondary characters that isimportant is Nikki. She is Kate’s best friend. They almost do everything together. Whereever Kate is there is Nikki. Nikki is a very moving person. Last but not least, there is Sara. Sara is Jack’s ex-girlfriend. Sara hates Kate because it is so said that Kate took Jack from Sara. But during the book she starts to become friends with her.

Monique Ortiz


The setting is usually were the story takes place. My book takes place in a high school called Redford High. The school is named after Jackson Redford. He does go to the school, too. When the story takes place at the school, there is a lot of drama. This drama happens over a long period of time. It is like months and months. This takes place inside the school, not on the outside. The other places it occurs is in this restaurant called Jimmy Mack’s. They always go there before a football game. It has been like that for a very long time. Usually only white people go there. Blacks just don’t like to go there. The place is not racist at all. It was at one point but not any more. One other place is Kate Pride’s house. She is always there. Well I would hope so; it is her home.

Monique Ortiz


My book The Heart Divided is a really good book. It has a lot of detail in it. I like the little things about it; it just has a lot of detail. I liked that it had drama just like in real life. They have the popular people, the outcasts, and the nerds; they have many types of people. A lot of my predictions were accurate. It was not that hard to figure out at all. I would recommend this book to another person any time. Nothing really confused me on this book. It was really easy to understand. I related to all the drama that happened in the school. That stuff happens in like every school.

Monique Ortiz