Across Five Aprils
By Tegan J.

Across five Aprils. How lame. Come on give some excitement. I read that book, and was not impressed. There’s no morel. its a cliff hanger. Where’s the cool. On the back of the book it says the unforgettable story of young Jethro Creighton who comes to…. Bla bla.
Boring!!! Ever heard of bad book sleeping. It is very common with this so called book.
Good books have fencing, giants, ogers, even magical creatures. Not some bratty little boy planting potatoes. Boring!!! Who reads this stuff?! I hope I never hear the words Across Five Aprils together in a sentence again. Ever.

The main character is a little too fake. Jethro. Like I haven’t heard that before.
Alright, Jethro is a nine year-old little boy. Wow, not that exciting. Any way . his mom is a depressed old hag. Most of Jethros brothers and sisters are dead do to a sickness. why cant it be they were executed. Would have been better. And why does his mom always has to be depressed all of time. Lighten her up a little. At least.

You know, I’d like to go for a book that doesn’t put me to sleep on the first page. Unfortunately Across Five Aprils is one of those. When I read this book I couldn’t help but put it down. Get a load of this, on the front cover it says for all ages who take the time to read it. Yah right!!! Boring!!!

A good word of advice for all of you, do not read this book. You don’t need to be wasting your time