Ashes of Roses
Tital: Ashes of Roses
Summery by: Jessica La Boy
Author: Mary Jane Auch
Historical- fiction

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Background info:
The main character is Margret Rose Nolan who is a 16- years- old girl; she has 2 sisters and 1 brother. She lives in Limerick, Ireland but is moving to New York. This is taking place in 1911; it lasts in a time period of weeks and months.

Rising action:
The Nolan family is coming to the USA for the first time in there life. When they came they had to go through this whole process before entering New York. They went through that process and the son had a (n) eye disease. So the dad had to go back w/ the son to Ireland. The mother had to go to her brother in laws house w/ out her husband.

When they got to the fathers/ husbands brothers house. Over a few days the uncles’ wife didn’t like them at all.
The only one who knew about the dis like was Rose. Rose always new everything that the two girls said (cousins). She got so tired of it she went to find a job

Falling action:
So rose found a job and started working that day. She tried to earn enough money to get a place away from her dads’ brothers’ wife. When she found out that her mom didn’t want her to go back she decided to bring work home and she did. She got her mom and her little sister Maureen to help her work on the stems for the paper flowers. She noticed that it was harder for her mom to catch on and get them right than her little sister.

The next day her mom and her other little sister went back to Ireland and rose and her sister Maureen stayed but did not stay at there uncle’s like they were supposed to. Rose got a new job because she boss tried to smooch on her. They stayed over at their new friend’s house.