Beyond the Burning Time.

By: Kathryn Lasky

Main character
Brandon Salazar
My book is called beyond the burning bridge. I did not think it was that good of a book. I thought it was boring. In books I usually like some action. I also did not like how the words did not change, they all stay the same. She barely had exclamation points in her book. You could not tell when It was getting scary or mystery it stayed the same like the whole story. So those are some reasons why I did not like the book that well.

Secondary characters.

My secondary characters are Mary’s Mom and her Brother. In the beginning of the book she goes and visits her brother. Her brother is an Apprentice. He is learning how to live as a man. He is taught by his master. She does not get to see her brother very often. They only see him when they want to go visit him. It would suck not being visited by your family don’t you think? One big thing in Salem is witchcraft. Her mother is telling Mary not to even talk about witchcraft because if they hear you they will hang you or they will crush you. Some of Mary’s friends talk about witchcraft. So her mother does not want her child to be around that because that could be the last time you speak to your daughter.

Here are some things I did not like about the book. One thing is I can not believe they would kill you even if you accused of saying something or someone tells on you. So you can see back then kids had to watch their tongue and now days kids do what they want when there are robbers and killers on the loose. My Mom and Dad do their job by watching us and not letting us alone by ourselves at knight or in the Day time.

So you can Cleary see why I would not like to live in Salem in 1692!!!! But even though it is not 1692 always watch your tongue and be aware of strangers and robbers.

My story takes place in Salem 1692. It is snowy and The kids had to do chores and run errands for there parents. We don’t do that today. Today the streets are full of people who take kids. Salem is a place where you don’t talk about witchcraft at all. If they accuse you might not see your parents again.