Bud, Not Buddy

Although, some people may not want to read historical fiction this is a great historical book, and I would recommend anyone to read it. This book has happy moments; it also shows that you can be at a complete stop or jam in your life and get back up and find the courage to find what you need to do. This book has a good meaning, and it is really exciting and interesting to read. It takes you there, like you are in the book. I feel like I'm there watching Bud take this long journey, and it's really amazing so if you need a book that you can just fall into and not come out till the end, Bud Not Buddy is the perfect book for you.

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The main character of Bud, Not Buddy is Bud Caldwell. He is the star of the book. The whole book is based on this young boy that lost his mother and is in search of his father. He is an orphan, and he was adopted by the Amos family, but there older son Todd didn’t take an interest in having a new family member. So Todd takes a pencil and shoves it up Bud's nose and he didn’t like that so much, so he responded by punching Todd in the face. Since Todd didn’t like Bud, he put up an act for his mother of him being very hurt, and Mrs. Amos walked in the room to see that her son was beaten up by a boy a few years younger than him. Since Todd was apparently hurt, Bud was sent to live in the shed which was dark and cold. Bud was really upset, and so he woke up early the next morning and snuck into the house. He grabbed his suitcase and saw the big shotgun sitting near the ice box. Before he went to get revenge on Todd, he hid the shotgon and got some water and spilt it on Todd and his bed to make it look like he wet himself. After bud finished that he went to the shed with his suitcase and checked to see if anything was missing. He looked at everything when he finished. He picked up a flyer of a man who he thought was his dad; the name was Herman E. Caldwell, but in the end he finds out that the man who he that was his father is his grandfather. That shocked me more than you can imagine. All in all, this is a great book and I recommend that everyone/ anyone should read this book just like I did.
Bud_not_buddy.jpg Bud Not Buddy has a lot of characters but one secondary characters is Bugs. Bugs is Bud's best friend, and they have known each other for a while because they used to live in the same orphanage together. However, when Bud got adopted by the Amos family, Bugs was left alone in the orphanage, so he then ran away to find bigger and better things. While he was running away, Bud was doing the same thing, but when they both leave they soon run in to each other because Bud finds Bugs, and they stay and leave together. They find this small, little town and hope that they can find a small meal and sleep and hop the train in the morning. As they enter the small town, they get a meal but in return they have to do the dishes after dinner with a few other kids. Deza, which was the girl Bud ends up kissing for the first time, likes Bud but he isn’t sure what he feels about her, and he seems to just be interested in waking up and catching the train to leave and find Hoover Ville, which is where Bud goes to find the man who he thinks is his father but really ends up being his grandfather. Another secondary character is Todd. He is Bud's older brother. For a day, he treats Bud badly, and so bud gets his revenge. Also Mr. and Mrs. Amos are characters in this book because they adopted Bud but the when the son does not like getting hit in the face by Bud, Mrs. Amos takes charge and does something about it. She locks Bud in the shed. While she does that, Mr. Amos takes Bud’s suitcase and hides it under the table. All bud can think about is his suitcase and if anything was stolen from it, so when he wakes up, he gets it and leaves. To sum up, these are all of the characters that have an important part of this book.

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Bud, Not Buddy
Christopher Paul Curtis
By: Cheyanne White
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In 1936 during the Great Depression, 10 year old Bud Caldwell lives in an orphanage in Flint, Michigan. He's lived there since his mother died when he was six. Bud hated the orphanage almost as much as he hated going to one foster home to another, day after day. He finally thought that he met a family that was nice and caring, the Amoses, but after awhile they were proven to be abusive. Todd, the Amoses 12 year old son, stuck a pencil up Bud's nose all the way to the R, and accused him of being a bed wetter, which Mrs. Amos hated. After Bud and Todd got in a fight, the Amoses made him sleep in the shed. Bud got out there, and it was full of a child's worst nightmare. Bud escaped the shed and ran away. He decided to try and find his father, Herman E. Calloway. Bud started walking towards Grand Rapids, but on the way he met many obsticles. Finally, he got there and met his father. Herman E. Calloway was in a band called "Herman E. Calloway and the Devastators of the Depression." Everyone in the band thought that Herman was too old to be Buds father. After a while, they realized that Herman was Bud's grandfather. It took them a while to get used to each other, but in the end everyone was happy and Bud, finally had a real family.
There are many secondary characters in Bud, Not Buddy, but I'm only going to tell you about three of them. First of all, Todd is Bud's foster brother who is 12. He bullies Bud, but he's smart at not getting caught. Next, Mr. Lewis helps Bud find his dad. He is caring, nice, and very sarcastic. Lastly, Bugs is one of Bud's foster friends. He's nice and caring and is also on the lam. Obviously, there are many secondary characters in this story, but I only wanted to tell you about three of them.

The main character of this story is Bud Caldwell. First of all, Bud is a 10 year old year old orphan. His mom died when he was six, and his dad is somewhere out there. Next, Bud goes on an adventure to try and find his dad. Lastly, he finds his grandfather, but he thinks it's his dad. Obvioulsly, Bud is the main character.

This story takes place in Flint Michigan, Hooperville and Grand Rapids. This story seems like it takes over a couple months period. It also takes place in the Orphanage, the Amoses, Mr. Lewis' car and house, and in a resturaunt in Grand Rapids.

This story takes place in 1936, during the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a period in time when compainies were going out of business, and many people were left without jobs. It was the largest, toughest economic depression in the 20th century. The Great Depression started in the United States on Black Tuesday. Everyone during this time was poor and jobless. People tried their hardest to get back to work, but the stock market was too bad to handle. Everyone just gave up. But after a while everyone got back on their feet and started working and getting paid again.
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How did Bud find his way to his grandfather?
How did Bud know where his grandfather was?
Are there any inportant and interesting events in this story?

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Title Bud, Not Buddy
Author by Christopher Paul Curtis
Genre Historical- Fiction
Name by Taylor Howard

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Exposition- The exposition in Bud, Not Buddy, Bud has to leave and go to a foster home with Mr. and Mrs. Amos and there son.

Rising Action-The rising action in Bud, Not Buddy, is that the Amos son keeps poking Bud and Bud wakes up and hits him.

Climax- The climax in Bud, Not Buddy,is when Bud gets put into the shed with blood, mosquitoes, and fish heads.

Falling Action- The falling action in Bud, Not Buddy, is when Bud gets out of the shed and then heads to the library to see if Ms. Hill can let him stay at the library, but then they find out that Ms. Hill is in Chicago, Illinois and that she got married.

Resolution- The Resolution in Bud, Not Buddy is that Bud and bugs meet and they get on a train and go to a place where they get to eat then the next day they are going to go jump on another train to get to Chicago to see Ms. Hill.
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Background Information
Bud, Not Buddy is a very good book that I would recommend this book to any young adult. Bud, Not Buddy makes you wonder or think about what is going to happen; there is no wrong in the educated guess that you make. Second, this story is a realistic story; it could happen in real life. What happens in the book could happen to anyone in the world until you get older and can take care of your self. Third, it explains to young adults or children what can or could happen to them, if something happens to their parents or their parents don’t want them anymore. Kids can understand what happens to other kids. The kid or kids can also understand how rough other kids, those kids have it, and understand how well that they have it. The kids that have parents and have it will have good food, a roof over there heads, nice clothing maybe, and a good education. Clearly, Bud, Not Buddy is a good book that I would recommend to any young adult to read.

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In the book Bud, Not Buddy, the setting takes place in the 1936. In the 1930’s The Great Depression took place here in North America and Europe. The Great Depression was an economic slump; it also was the longest and most severe depressionever experienced by the industrialized Western world.America's future appeared to shine brightly for most Americans when Herbert Hoover was inaugurated president in 1929. The Hoover term was just months old when the nation sustained the most ruinous business collapse in its history.The optimism so prevalent during the Renaissance years of the 1920's disappeared as the black unemployment rate soared. The Great Depressions was a hard life for people back then. Clearly, the Great Depression was a really bad economic slump.

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The characters in this story are Bud, Bugs, and the Amos’s Family. Bud is the main character in the story. Bud is a very smart young boy. I am not sure what happened to his mother or his father, but somehow he ended up in a Children’s Home. His best friend in the Children’s Home is Bugs. Bugs is also a very smart young boy. I don’t know what happened to his parents either. Bugs is a very caring friend of Bud; Bugs Left his foster home so that he and Bud could go be together on the street to find Ms. Hill in Chicago, Illinois. The Amos Family is the foster family that Bud went to. The Amos family was not a very kind family; they had a gun in every room. Every corner you turned there was a gun in there house. The Amos family kicked bud out of their house and into their shed with blood, mosquitoes, and dead fish heads because Bud hit Mr. and Mrs. Amos’s son when their son was playing around with Bud. Consequently, Bud didn’t like it so he hit the kid, and their sontold on him so he got kicked out of the house and into the shed.

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This book is a very good book because any young adult would like to read it. I liked that Bud thinks things out before he does anything. He has a plan for everything he does. He is a very intelligent young man. I didn’t like that it didn’t tell what happened to Bud's parents. What confused me was that Bud left the Amos and then Bugs somehow found out that Bud left the Amos’ and then they went to a place where they didn’t know anyone, but they got fed and got the things that they needed. I didn’t predict right, but I did figure out that the Amos’ weren’t a good family for Bud before it happened. But despite these things, I would recommend this book to any young adult to read.

Essay Questions;
1) Did Bud ever find Ms. Hill?
2) Did Bud ever find his way to his grandfather and where was his grandfather?
3) Why did Bud’s mother name him Bud instead of Buddy?