Elijah of Buxton
Elijah of Buxton
By: Christopher Paul Curtis: Read by: CJ Pearsall

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Background- Elijah of Buxton takes a background where there is sadness and happiness it goes back and fourth.
Rising Action- There is a part where Elijah doesn’t know that there teacher knows that Elijah and his friend are spying.
Climax- Elijah and his friend get in deep trouble the teacher pulls on Cooters ears (that’s Elijah’s friend)
Falling action- The teacher stops to talk quietly with the boys.
Resolution- The boys say there sorry and the teacher forgives them and its all better.

Historical Information

This is a time when slaves were basically everywhere, but not here in Buxton, Canada. For starters, Elijah was born free for his time. In Canada and the American border line, he was born free, but his parents weren’t. This is what was called freedom. This freedom was great because the people who lived here were black. After, this was all done whites started to come. When they came, they worked well with the blacks. This was in the 1860s. Google….external image buxton_museum.jpg


Elijah takes place in many places. This story goes over times. They have several days to take place. This, is a story could be in a house or school. The school and house were the main places they would be at. The forest was another important place in the book. Obviously, this is a freedom after slaves. They may become slaves at the end, but not in the whole story. Clearly, this happens in the days and nights and afternoons.


Main Character!

Elijah is the main character of the story. First, his type of character is a nice person. He helps out people when they want food. Furthermore, he also cares about the people. When he was younger he made a big hit (really) at the carnival. Some people died. and he made a big deal and was sorry that happened in the past. Sometimes, he can just be a hypocrite. He doesn’t like it when something happens to him, but he can do it to them. Clearly, if you look at him, he has a decent guy, but he has many different aspects to his personality.

2nd Secondary Characters!

Ma and Pa are my secondary characters. Ma and Pa, teaches Elijah lessons. They try not to let him be such a hypocrite. Next, well all of our parents are protective and so is Ma and Pa. Pa would get out of bed and check in the woods because it was right by the house, and he had a gun just to make sure his family was okay. Ma and Pa can be really funny, too. They played jokes on Elijah. For example once, they put a snake in a cookie jar (which Elijah is afraid of). Clearly, Ma and Pa too have different sides as, well.
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This is a book for a kid who likes an on going story. First, the book is really long. If you like to read 300 something pages, this is it. Next, there are parts that are really funny. I liked the part when Ma and Pa play a joke on Elijah and put a snake in the cookie jar. However, there are parts I didn’t really enjoy. I really didn’t like it when Elijah was fishing because I really don’t care for fishing just yet. Yet, I liked the story overall!

Essay Questions:

What are Elijah sides are like?
What do Ma and Pa do to help Elijah?
What are the main and 2nd characters and what are the second characters are like?