Here My Sorrow

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Hear My Sorrow
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By: Deborah Hopkinson
Genre: historical fiction
Holly Duran
Background info: The backgrond info is the house and the other girls in the triangle factory.

Rising Action: The rising action is to make a plan to escape all the girls in the triangle factory.

Climax: The climax is when the girls start to leave the triangle factory.

Falling Action: The falling action is once they escape they feel free but now they need a job to help their mom’s.

Resolution: The resolution is when Clara Lemlich gets sick and dies. Yet she loved the time she had with her family.

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In my book Hear My Sorrow the setting happened in the 1911 fire. The 1911 fire happened in New York. 275 girls started to collect their belongings as they were leaving work at 4:45 pm. Within twenty minutes some girls’ charred bodies were lined up. The girls who were flung from the ninth floor were merely covered with tarpaulins. The honor of their deaths led to numerous changes in occupational safety standards that currently ensure the safety of workers today. 146 workers were dead of the night of March 25, 1911. That’s what my book is about
The setting happened when 2 girls Sara and Angelo have to work in a triangle factory. They both think that they should be in a better place a place were they can learn and get help when they need it now I’m not talking about a school I’m taking about a work place. They both have been working there for quite some time and they’re sick and tired of being treated badly.
Secondary Character:
Although there were many secondary characters I liked Sara the best. I liked her because she helps Angela. She gives her advice about what to do. Sara also works with her as a shirtwaist worker. She helps Angela get all the girls get out of the triangle factory. Sara may be shy and quite but she is also very helpful and confident. She reminds me a lot like me because she is quite and I’m quite. As you can see i really liked Sara as a secondary character.
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My main character is Angela Denoto. Angela Denoto is a girl who works in the triangle factory as a shirtwaist worker. Lately she has had some problems and is tired of being treated bad so she makes a plan to get all the girls out of the triangle factory. During the days her friend Clara Lemlich gets very sick and sadly dies. She was a brave girl she fought through all the hard times and yet she couldn’t fight through this.
Although there were many books to choose from I decided to choose Hear My Sorrow for these reasons. I liked it because it had a lot of information. It talks about Angela’s life. It gives a lot of details about Angela Denoto’s life and what happens in it. When she talks she shows her emotions. She gives such details about how she felt when things happened. I think Hear My Sorrow is a good book not only for me but for you as well. external image 25firec.jpg

1. If you were in the author how would you feel?
2. How would you feel if your best friend died?
3. What’s the main idea of this story?
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