Hitler's Daughter

Hitler’s Daughter
By Jackie French
Historical fiction

Read by Sammy Samsel
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
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Some background information about my story, Hitler’s Daughter, is that it was set during World War II and focused in Germany around Hitler. Hitler was born on April 20th in 1889. Hitler killed million Jews. This is important because it effects my character and her life. That is my setting of my story. external image hitler1.jpg

My main character is Heidi. She is Hitler's daughter. No one knows that she is Hitler's daughter except her private teachers because she doesn’t go to a school. How I know she is the main character is because her name is on the cover. It says Hitler's daughter. I think she is around 8 years. She seems very young. That is my main character.

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Hitler daughter was a very good book. It was a story that made me happy. All the stuff Heidi did it made me funny. She would feed the animals all cute. It also made me mad .all the stuff Hitler did killing all the Jews. I recommend this book .It was a heartwarming book. Heidi is Hitler daughter. Now go to Wal-Mart.

The setting of my story is the past, during World War II. It takes place over many weeks, in Austria. It happens in house in which Heidi, the little girl lives. The house had atticm are full of cans of jam and a fireplace to keep them warm. It was when Hitler was alive. That is my setting. external image hitler.jpg

My secondary character is Ben. Ben is mentioned only once in my story. It was in the beginning of the story. But Ben is very important. They kept on about him. He made me laugh. His personality was very funny. That is my secondary character. http://rescindedred.com/category/bundesliga/
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When was Hitler born?

Does this book sound good?explain why
Who did Hitler kill?

Anna and her friends tell a story about Hitler daughter
Heidi is Hitler’s daughter.
She has a teacher and no one know she lives.

Heidi finds out that her dad is a bad guy.
She is a tunnel and she hears her dad and she comes out.
Her dad says she don’t know her. A guy takes her in a tunnel and the guy got shot and died. Shree kept non walking and found a new family
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