Johnny Tremain
By Esther Forbes in 1943
Read by Dakota Rodeback
Genre: Historical Fiction

Johnny Tramain is a very good book. I would recommend it to all the people I know. I read this book over and over, and I never got tired. In this book there is one interesting thing after the next. All my friends that I have recommended this book to liked it. There are some true facts, but there is also some things that could of happened but didn’t. This is a book that I will read a lot in my lifetime.

MCAZ4F8HVCAIGKL37CAUY4YR4CAAD8VHOCAAPGD37CA6A6K9XCASOYLG5CAYQ2HKTCANOIH16CAZVHLE0CA3D78BFCAZ7Y0JYCAF2RQ28CA5RFIQ6CAP9WG1WCAJIUOQ2CAHBV7ANCAVQ771J.jpg The plot of my story is there is about to be a war in the time Johnny Tramaim is living in. Johnny runs in to a couple of problems and some of it makes the whole story changed. There are some small and some big problems. The a lot of the problems are big
but not story changers. This story has over four problems that aren’t big but, are important. This is a cool and very interesting story.
XCACV1MKICAZ6X158CABD5OP4CAOWCPDGCA0BSK1XCANJLLVACAAS3AAICA64PTCWCADBTPYSCAMVZS3ECAID2MTSCA4VAJK6CAORLSRDCAW82XDZCA46EH04CAYNDWM5CA67EWWDCAA83LL5.jpg Johnny Tramain took place over I would say a period of about 4 years. The rest of the story is not very detailed. This is still a good book, though. That is all about time, but the place was during the Revolutionary War.
Main Character
mkxnib3i3B4jEqs.jpg The main character of this book is Johnny Tramain. I think this because the name of the book is Johnny Tramain. There is also a lot about him growing up and becoming man. The problems he runs in to are also man problems, like trouble at word or being hurt on the job. The story focuses entirely around him.

Secondary Character
I do not think there is a secondary character in my book because every one besides Johnny they are equal. The rest of the people are in there the same amount and there is really no way to tell who the secondary character is.