Sarah Plain and Tall

Sarah Plain and Tall

Read by Nygel Coleman
Genre: Historical Fiction
Recommendation of Book

The story I read is called Sarah Plain and Tall. I would somewhat recommend the book to families. However, it has no real action. It does take place in one setting, which is a farm. There is too much unimportant detailos, like the dog that Sarah liked. There is no shooting that takes place, which is good for young kids. These are reasons why I only somewhat recommend this boopk.

Main Character

The main character in my story is Sarah. And she isn ice because she sings to the kids liek they're mom did before she died. She is very helpful, too, because she help with the farm animals and cleans the house. And she is also caring. She makes peoploe happy when they are sad by talking about the ocean. These are reasons why I like my main character.
Secondary Character

My secondary character is Papa. They don't say his real name in the story. He is nice to the the kids, just like Sarah. He makes them feel better when they are sad by taking them outside and singing to them. His also very helpful because he cleans the house and the stables. THat is why my secondary character, Papa, is a good person.

My story takes place on a farm. It has a house and a barn and animals. They have pigs, cows, horses, chickens, and fish. They also have a pond. The story takes place over a periods because it they only have one winter in the story. In conclusion, the setting is an okay place to live.

Historical Information

In America during my story is in 1910 there was world war one against the Germans. The population was 92 million.
The milk was 32 cent per gallon.the man lived 48 years and the woman in tell 51 years old. the salary 750 a year. and that is how american was
Background Information: Characters are Sarah, Papa, Caleb, Jacob, and Mattie. They all like Sarah.

Rising Action: Sarah is about to leave. The kids start to cry because they liked her. SHe feels bad and stayed.
Climax: Papa and Sarah get married.

Falling Action: Sarah apologizes for thinking about leaving.

Resolution: Everyone is happy