The Journal of Biddy Owen


In my story the main character is BIDDY OWENS and I will tell you why he is the main character. To start he is good at baseball. I know that because he talks about how good he is at baseball. Also he tells how good his team is. He also tells how good the people on his are. Another thing his that he has lots of friends. I also know that because he talks about them all the time to. THE players on his team are his friends. Know the last reason is that he has family. IN his family there is something going wrong with his family.


THE setting in my story takes place in many areas in my story. I will know tell you were the story tales places. One of the settings are Alabama, Florida, Georgia. They take place in those countries because he plays game and stays there to. Alabama is on of the areas because that’s were there home town is. Know Georgia is the area where they face opponents and that’s how it is for all the others are to.


Second main character The seconded main character named is someone I do not now how to spell is name. Ok let’s start the seconded main character is good at baseball to. But the character is better than Biddy Owens that’s what I think.