civil-war-artillery-picture2.jpgThe Journal of Rufus Rowe
The journal of Rufus Rowe a witness to the Fredericksburg battle
By Sid Hite
Historical fiction
Joshua Sanchez

The setting took place in Bowling Green, Virginia. Rufus lived there for his whole life. But he leaves because of his step father. He is always fighting with him. One day he left and went to Fredericksburg. While he was there he found a place to stay at a huge house. While he was there, he witnessed a battle to take over Fredericksburg. He also found a lot of friends.

I have many main characters in my story, but my main character is Rufus Rowe. He is 16 years old. He is short and skinny. No one believes that he is 16. His job is to get stuff for the Confederate solders. He is usually getting tobacco. He is not vary strong, but he is fast. He is really good at grammar

Background information/ Rufus is 16 years old, he left home when he was 16 when he left.
Rising action/ he went to Fredericksburg and witnessed a battle.
Climax/ The battle started and he watched as thousands of people die.
Falling action/ he left to go home after the war.
Resolution / the war ended civil-war-pic.jpg