The Light in the Forest

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The Light in the Forest
By: Conrad Richter
Mark Balboa
Genre: Historical Fiction

The book I read is called The Light in the Forest, and it is a very good book that I’d recommend to anyone. The story tells a story about a boy that looks for his mom. The story tells how a white boy becomes an Indian trying to look for his real mom. The problem is good. The problem gives lot information about the boy. The story gives a lot of good details. The story tells how the boy is trying to get to his real mom and dad. This is way you should read this book.

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The main character is a white Indian boy. The white Indian boy is living with Indians. There is a boy that is white and had been taken from his mom and dad. The boy is looking for his real family. He wanted to go back to his real family, but the Indians had told him that if he goes back they would kill him. He finds out his family at a long life with people that did not like white people. This is the main character in the story.

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There are three characters in the story that are keeping the boy. One of the guys that is keeping the boy is John Cameron. He is the farther of the white boy. The second character is Lenni Lenape. He is the Indian warrior that is keeping the boy. The last character is Shawanose. He is helping Lenni with the boy and had told the boy if he goes back to his family that he is going to kill him.

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This is what the story is about. So you should read this book. It is a very good book to read about the Indians.

· What is the character that is holding the white Indian boy?
· What is the Indian boy’s dad’s name?
· Where is the story taking place?

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