Title: The witch of Blackbird Pond
Author: Elizabeth George Spear
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Historical Fiction

Background Info.
Kit is a young 16 year old girl that has moved to Wethersfield, Connecticut after her guardian, her grandfather, dies. Her cousins are: Mercy and Judith. This is taking place in 1687, over the term of a year.

Rising Action
One April Day, in 1687 Kit comes to Connecticut on the Dolphin. The only way she could have afforded she had to sell all personal items. She finds her Uncle Matthew’s house and gets invited into her family’s way of life. Hard times occur as well as good times. Kit meets an old woman named Hannah who is a Quaker. And so her new life, more adventurous then she ever imagined.
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After an epidemic hits Wethersfield, Kit has to help Hannah escape an angry mob. When the town’s people realize that Hannah is gone they (rightfully) blame Kit for Hannah’s disappearance and they blame her for the sickness that had spread during the last few months. Kit is taken to court and is trialed for being a witch. During the trial Nat comes and helps prove Kit’s innocence.

Falling Action
Soon after the trial, Nat has to leave. A young man comes back from a war and asks for Mercy’s hand in marriage. William, a young rich boy, asks for Judith to marry him.

After a few months pass, Nat comes back with his own boat and asks Kit to marry him.
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The setting of The Witch of Blackbird Pond takes place in 1687 over the term of 1 year. As well as this, the story is taking place in Wethersfield, Connecticut. There are no special events going on in this timeframe. Only the little town of Wethersfield has any events, such as Kit being trialed for witchcraft, and the Dolfin carring a Quaker, who was thought to be a witch wre events that can be conciderd special. However, these happenings are not confirmed in any historiclal records. Perhaps, becuase it was not entirely important enough. There are no records of any special event taking place in Wethersfield in 1687.
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Kit is pretty amazing. She is my favorite character. Kit is a great teacher. She helps Merry teach the kids their ABC’s and to read. Kit is also brave She visits Hannah despite what others say. Kit is also reliable. She helps Hannah escape from an angry mob. She is really nice, but has an odd choice in friends. However, she has a good life.
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Judith, Mercy, and Nat are great characters. Judith’s part is really important to the story. The main part of the story is started by Judith’s words and actions. Mercy’s part is very believable. She does the actions an adult would do. Nat is one of the most important characters in the story. He is the one who helps Kit get out of her charges of being a witch. These characters are a big part of the story.

The Witch of blackbird Pond is very interesting for anyone 12 and over. They should really read it.This book is full of ups and downs. Kit has lots of good times and bad times. She also makes friends with a Quaker. No one else likes Hannah. Everyone has their own problems. The issues aren’t all pinned on Kit. This is very interesting and should be given to any person who enjoys problems with witches.

I recommend this to anyone 12 and over.

-Megan Williams7th grade