by dallas m hayes

This book is an historical fiction. It takes place during the Revolutionary War. Some of the charters are made up. But general Gorge Washington is still leading the colonist against the king of England.

The war started because the king still wanted to tax the people all the way crossed the ocean. The colonist thought it was retarded that he still wanted to tax them. A whole war started because of the king. The book takes place in the west. There were several wars during that time. One of the worst was the battle of Bunker Hill. The colonist had controlled it. The enemy knew it would be a good position to capture. After a wile the colonist had to retreat.

The main character is a boy named Thomas. He wants to know everything. There isn’t one day that he doesn’t ask a question. He is a really good shot with a gun. He is almost as good as dad. He has learned a lot of things he needed to know to survive in the wilderness. He knows how to find the North Star. He has brown hair; and he is nine years old.

The King still has followers living with the colonist. They still think they should listen to the king. The Kings soldiers are called Troies. A fort called Fort Wintermore is still loyal to the king. They have know clue if they are under control of the Troies. The Forty Fort was built by the first forty colonies in America. The Native Americans have sided with the Troies. The king promised that he would stop sending people over there

Thomas house was burned down by the Troies. And his animals were slaughtered. So they traveled to the Forty Fort. Soon they were defeated the Troies tricked the colonist soldiers and slaughtered them. They were able to let the citizens escape. Thomas and his family went into the mountains and traveled along way. In a cave like area Tomas was almost bitten by a snake. As they were traveling they started fighting because they were starving and couldn’t think strait.

Finally they reached a house were they were helped. They were feed and bathed. And the husband took them to town.