(page made by Ammon Jackson book writen by James Fenimore Cooper)

The Last of the Mohicans is a book I would definitely recommend. It has action, adventure, and suspense which are things I like. This book starts out as Uncas, the main character, delivering a letter to an English general. He talks to generals, majors’ soldiers, and regular people. He was an Indian prisoner until his shirt rips off and reveals a bluish green tattoo on his chest. That tattoo resembles royalty in his blood line. So now the Indian chief befriends him. Then Uncas gets into a fight with le Reynard. And when Uncas jumps off a wall to kill le Reynard he turns around and the knife goes into Uncas killing him.

The main character in the book is of course Uncas. He appears in almost every paragraph. His dad is the only other Mohican left. There are no women so Uncas can have children. Uncas is brave, fearless, and bold in the story. He runs into a cave to save Cora from le Reynard. On his chest there is a green bluish turtle to prove his royalty. In the end of the book Uncas gets killed by le Reynard.

The secondary character is Hawkeye because he helps the main character out a lot. The Indians call him this because his eye never fails to hit the target. His target never gets to see the next day because his eyes are excellent. He knows the wooded area well. He leads the people through the woods to get to the other Indian villages.